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  • 1-Job Seeker
  • 2-Manage Resume
  • 3-Job Provider
  • 4-Administrator
  • 5-Job Search

This module contains details about Job Seeker, i.e. employee or un-employee details. Like employee name, email, experience. Here employee can do update, modify and delete. He can update experience and skills, portfolio andeducation details also.

Job Provider / Company

This module having information about job provider and requirement details, which client recruiting the employees, and what based them recruiting the employees? Here client releasing the primary skills, experience, no. of vacancies, opening date and closing date.


The administrator module having all privileges about this entire project, he can update, delete, and modify the details about job seeker, job provider, CMS, Job attributes, Admin users etc. Administrator maintain the client and job seeker database, where ever client is releasing their requirements( vacancies) with particular primary skills and experience, on that time administrator search for job seekers, who are having that primary skills and experience.

Job Search

This module having all current vacant jobs, experience and which client offering that vacancy.

  • ImageFree Registration
  • ImageCreated Profile
  • ImageCreate Online Resume
  • ImageUpload Multiple Resume
  • ImageApply on Jobs
  • ImageSearch Jobs
  • ImageJob Alerts
  • ImageManage Applied Jobs
  • ImageMark Job as Favourite
  • ImageView Favourite Jobs
  • ImageFilter Jobs
  • ImageView Following list
  • ImageView Followings
  • ImageSend Message to company
  • ImageView Messages

  • ImageFree Registration
  • ImageCreated Profile
  • ImageEmployer Packages
  • ImageFree & Paid Packages
  • ImagePost Jobs
  • ImageManage Posted Jobs
  • ImageManage Applied Candidates
  • ImageShortlist Candidates
  • ImageManage Shortlised candidates
  • ImageSearch Resume
  • ImageFilter Resume
  • ImageView Candidates Profile
  • ImageDownload Resumes
  • ImageSend Message to Candidates
  • ImageView Messages

  • ImageManage Jobs
  • ImageManage Companies
  • ImageManage Seekers
  • ImageManage Content Pages
  • ImageManage SEO
  • ImageManage FAQ
  • ImageManage Blog
  • ImageManage Testimonials
  • ImageManage city, state
  • ImageManage Employer Packages
  • ImageManage Seeker Packages
  • ImageManage Site Settings
  • ImageManage Job Attributes
  • Imageand many more